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Are your kids excited about Halloween? It seems like my children are planning their costumes, trick or treating route and more for months before the big day.

I know exactly how they feel, I loved Halloween as a child! It was incredibly difficult to wait until dark to go out and trick or treat, and we would run as fast as we could between the house to get as much candy as possible.

I thought it might be fun to make a free printable Halloween countdown calendar for the kids. It also teaches little ones about matching, since you can use the markers to match up with the same icon on the calendar. It has thirty one days, so start out on the first of October and you’ll be all done on the 31st!

I made the markers one inch in size if you have a punch then it’s easy to punch them out. If not, then you can just cut them out as a square or a circle. You can use glue dots or tape or whatever you have on hand to attach the markers to the calendar.

Free Printable Halloween Calendar

Halloween Countdown Calendar

Download the free printable Halloween countdown calendar.

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