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I’ve been seeing lots of fun ideas for candy mixes and it got me thinking about making one for Valentine’s Day. It’s nice to create a unique mix with treats that you wouldn’t usually find all together, but I think mixing them up makes them extra fun!

For this Valentine’s Day candy mix, you can get some chewy Cherry Hearts (like cinnamon bears, but cherry!), then mix in some Cupid Corn Candy (I love this red and pink take on candy corn!), and add some classic Conversation Hearts, a must-have for Valentine’s Day.

Another fun candy to include are Puffy Marshmallow Poles, they look perfect mixed in there. Add in a handful of Raspberry Jelly Hearts and you have a pretty sweet candy concoction!

Of course, you can choose whatever you want, some chocolate or M&M’s certainly wouldn’t hurt!

I thought these Valentine Take Out Boxes with Heart Cutouts would be a great container for the festive candy mix. With their little see through window, it shows off all the colors and textures perfectly.

I made a sheet of free Valentine’s Day labels to attach to the gifts, they are two inches, so if you have a punch, cutting them out will go really quickly!