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Ready to party in a galaxy far, far away? The Force is strong with these 17 amazing Star Wars party ideas! Whether your friend and family are fans of the original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, the “Clone Wars” series, the animated “Rebels” series, the many books for young and old, the Disney attractions, the upcoming annual films (sequel trilogy or the “anthology” films), or simply just enjoy all the toys and games, Star Wars is definitely having its moment.
Celebrate Star Wars alongside your fellow fans with these fantastic party ideas! And you can find all of my Star Wars party ideas and printables here!

Star Wars Party Food Cards
1. Star Wars Party Food Cards
Printables really help to set the stage and raise the bar at any themed party. I just designed these new Star Wars Party Food Cards to help transform your party snacks into a festive “Force” to be reckoned with.

2.Star Wars Party Printables
We also offer this Star Wars party printable set! Matching printables are also available for purchase. Together, the set includes: 8×10″ Sign, Invitations, 30×20″ Backdrop, Cupcake Toppers, Mini Cupcake Toppers, Hershey’s Kiss Labels, Thank You Cards, Water Bottle Labels, Menu/Place Cards, Coloring Page, Treat Toppers (for take-home gift bags), Stationery, Mini Candy Bar Wrappers, Gift Bag Tags, Silverware Wrappers, Banner, and Mini Banner.

3. The Star Wars Cook Book
There are a few Star Wars cook books out now, but this is the classic and original. Try out the fun and funny Wookie Cookies they created.

4. Hot(h) Chocolate
Whether you’re on a frozen alien planet, or just partying on a chilly day here on Planet Earth, this Hoth Chocolate is sure to hit the spot.

6. Darth Malt (Balls)
Or, if you’re partying on Tatooine, Jakku, or it’s just hot here on Earth, enjoy some frosty dessert with your desert with a frosty Darth Malt from this Star Wars cookbook sequel (because of course there’s a sequel), or just offer a quick party snack with (Darth) Malt Balls.

6. Leia’s Danish Do’s
For better or worse, Princess Leia’s iconic hairstyle is something all Star Wars fans remember. These pecan rolls, rebranded as Leia’s Danish Dos, are sure to get a laugh (and be gone by the end of the party).

7. R2-D2 Treats
Aren’t these R2-D2 macarons just adorable?

8. Qui-Gon Jinn-Ger Snaps
Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen offers some helpful tips making Qui-Gon Gingersnaps from the second Star Wars cookbook.

9. Vader Ade
Your guests won’t be drinking no haterade when they see this Gatorade rebranded as VaderAde.

10. Han Burgers
The Richards Family and Our Best Bites offer these fantastic slider “Han Burgers” which your guests are sure to enjoy.

11. Jabba Jiggle
What could be better than a little lime Jabba Jiggle jello?

12. Ewok Edibles
Those little teddy bear crackers sure look a lot like they’re from the forest moon of Endor, serve them as Ewok Edibles at your Star Wars party.

13. Luke’s Lightsabers
The Force is strong with this one! Serve Pocky — little candy-dipped breadsticks — as Luke’s Lightsabers (with or without the Star Wars packaging).

14. Tie Fighter Treats
Clever little Tie Fighter Treats are made with small chocolate wafers, and a marshmallow, and are super easy to make.

15. Yoda Soda
A perfect way to serve your guests’ favorite pop is to rebrand them as Yoda Soda. Cute!

16. Jedi Juice
Or, if you’d like a healthier beverage for your guests, how about Jedi Juice?

17. Obi-Wands
These fun treats for your Star Wars party guests, and a few tied up in a baggy would make a great take-home treat!
Enjoy your Star Wars party! May the Force be with you!

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