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Welcome! Thank you for visiting Printabelle!

I hope you find lots of great ideas here for your parties and celebrations.

We love Moana in our house and I’ve already made a fun Moana party printable set and also a Moana printable bingo game.

I thought you might enjoy a set of Moana party food cards to help make your party super fun and easy, too!

The Moana party food cards are great because they can be used as party food, party decorations, party favors and party activities, too!

The Moana party food card set comes with 12 party food cards, plus a free printable Moana Snack Bar sign to set up on the table.

The cards include (with a link to ideas) :
Moana's Munchies
Sina's Sweets
Heart of Te Fiti
Maui M&M's M&M’s
Grandma's Goldfish
Kakamora's Cookies
Pua Pigs
Mini Maui's Mallows
Chief's Cheetos
Tamatoa's Treats
Hei Hei's Rocks
Island Fruit

You can see in the image above some of the ideas I used for a few of the cards for fun, themed Moana party food! I made them pretty general, so you can choose whatever food you would like to do, too.

For Personal Use Only. Do not modify, change, redistribute or sell.

If needed sooner than 24 hours, contact me at to find out if I can get it to you sooner.

Download the Moana Party Food Card Set.

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