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Download the printable Minecraft food card set!

Minecraft parties are so much fun for boys and girls and I wanted to share some great ideas for themed foods for a Minecraft party.

I have a full set of Minecraft party printables and also a matching set of food cards. These are perfect for making a Minecraft snack bar or just for setting out on the party table.

I started out the printable Minecraft food card set with just a few items. But then I got lots of requests and I added all of them to the set, so now it has grown to over 45 cards, with 12 printable pages!!

The Minecraft food cards set comes with cards for redstone, gold, TNT, diamonds, coal, cake, golden apples, bread, slime balls, cookies, carrots, raw and cooked fish, watermelon, water, cow, sticks, potato, berries, emerald, potion, lazuli, steak, stone, obsidian, lava, sand, wood, dirt, trees, trapdoor, mushroom, egg, red apples, chicken, cucumber, iron, torches, melon, pizza, pigs, Creeper juice and snowballs.

I love to see the ways that people have used the Minecraft food cards at their parties, so creative and fun!

Download the printable Minecraft food card set!