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My kids and I love to craft at Christmas time and we found some great ideas to make, great for making memories with your family and friends!


We had so much fun with was these clear plastic ornaments. My daughter had the idea to make a tiny scene in an ornament, which I think turned out adorable!


She added some cotton fluff “snow” and then created a tiny snowman from pom poms with rhinestone “coal” eyes, and a teeny little Christmas tree.


The tree is positioned with its top against the top of the ornament and we glued the snowman on to the fluff so it’s actually pretty secure even when you move it around.






I had seen lots of fun ideas for filling the ornaments on Pinterest and we couldn’t wait to try out our own ideas! We bought some colorful Christmas candy (+ coal for the bad children, LOL, my kids think it is so funny!).

The ornaments open up in half, so it’s really easy to fill them. We also got pom-poms and little presents, so cute!!


We also love this adorable nativity set! My daughter wanted to paint this whole set by herself, and she had a great time doing it!

She even added tiny rhinestones (the ones you use for nails) to the wise man’s hat and the camel. It turned out so cute and I know it will be a family keepsake for years to come.


The next Christmas craft we did was this big Christmas coloring sheet. It’s actually folded in half, since it was made to be put on the kids’ table to let the kids on either side of the table color away!

I thought it would be fun to tack it to the wall and let everyone who comes over color on it to get into the holiday spirit! Everyone likes to color a little here or there whenever they walk by.

Happy Holidays!

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