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Download the Super Mario Birthday Party Food Cards!

We love Mario in our family and I thought it would be fun to make a set of Mario food cards for birthdays and celebrations. The food cards make it easy to decorate for your party, just download, print on cardstock, cut them out and set them up on your party table!

I have some ideas for what you can use for food choices for the cards, but feel free to use other types of snacks and treats.

I also have a set of Mario party printables, too, that will look great with these food cards.

There’s 12 food cards, you can see below, with links to the foods I used for each:

Princess Peaches, Bowser Bites, Wario Wafers, Mario Munchies, Super Stars, Toad Truffles, Gold Coins, Waluigi Water, Koopa’s Kandies, Luigi’s Licorice, Daisy Delights, and Yoshi Eggs.

I also just saw on Amazon that there is Super Mario cereal, which would work great for the Super Stars or Mario Munchies cards:

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Download the Super Mario Birthday Party Food Cards!

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