Motivational Quotes Stickers for Classrooms, Planners and more!


48 Motivational Stickers with Inspirational Sayings

Forever Stickers — Never run out! You can always print more with this printable PDF file.

Great for planners, calendars, bullet journals and for teachers and classroom use.

To make stickers: Print on sticker paper make sure that you use full page sticker paper. This sticker page is not made to fit any sticker template. You will need to cut them out after they are printed.

Or if you don’t have sticker paper just print out on cardstock, cut out and use double sided tape or a glue stick on the back – instant sticker!

No refunds for digital downloads. Do not copy, sell, modify or redistribute.

PRINTABLE PDFs WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU WITHIN 12 HOURS OF PURCHASE! If needed sooner than 12 hours, contact me at to find out if I can get it to you sooner.


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