Fortnite Food Cards Party Printables

$12.00 $6.79

This set of 20 prefilled Fortnite tented party food cards will be emailed to you within 12 hours of purchase!

The cards are sized at four cards to a standard sized (8 1/2 x 11 inches) page.

The cards are: Gun Powder, Treasure Chest, Dog Tags, Free V Bucks, Pick Axe, Durr Burger, Loot Llama, Boogie Bombs, Chug Jugs, Shield Potion, Impulse Grenade, Rainbow Smash, Lolli Poppers, Slurp Juice, Rescue Rope, Apples, Hop Rock Candies, Tacos, Loot Drop and Med Kits.

Plus, I’m also including four FREE 8 x 10 inch signs: FORTNITE, FLoss Like A Boss, Restore Your Health and Battle Royale.

Click here to get great ideas for using these Fortnite food cards!

Copyright 2019 FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Do not change, modify, sell or redistribute.

PRINTABLE PDFs WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU WITHIN 12 HOURS OF PURCHASE! If needed sooner than 12 hours, contact me at to find out if I can get it to you sooner.

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