Frozen Party

Frozen Party

We had a great time at our Frozen party! We invited all the neighbor kids, plus family and friends, too. I printed and used my Frozen party food cards and also my free Frozen party printables. Most of our decorations were from Oriental Trading Company, who has lots of awesome products that worked excellent at a Frozen party!


Of course, candy is an essential part of any Frozen party.  I chose sweets in different shades of blue for the candy tray.


Every party has to have favors for the guests and our little visitors loved them!  I used the small clear basket bags and filled them with snowflake jewels (so pretty!) and a tiny bottle filled with snowflakes with a cute snowflake charm attached!

You can also see the light blue flourish buttermints in this photo. I thought the design was perfect for Frozen!


I also had some lollipop treats that had a pretty blue snowflake print!

Frozen kisses to melt a Frozen heart!

Donut snowballs are a fun snack and blue rock candy pops are an absolute must for any Frozen celebration!

My husband loves to make stained glass jello and so he created a dish with frozen blue jello ice blocks in the icy water. It was really yummy, too!

On the table you can see some decorations I added, including the foam snowflake craft shapesglitter snowflake centerpieces and the snowflake ceiling decoration from Oriental Trading.


We dipped pretzel rods into candy melts and sprinkled them with blue sugar to make Queen Elsa’s wands.  For the ribbon on the glass candy jars, we used a lovely assortment of options from this blue ribbon set.


I know these aren’t really cupcakes, but close enough!  I used the beautiful Nordicware bundtlette cake pan and the Duff blue cake mix. Then we made some cookie stacks and had Anna pose for us, too!

DSC_0003 (2)
Along with Olaf noses and icy blue drinks, I also made marshmallow pops with blue snowflake paper straws.  I just dipped them in water and then rolled them in blue sugar!

Another party favor we had were lovely snowflake charms with rhinestones, which we created necklaces with the blue ribbon and then hung on a The Wishing Tree.

Thanks to everyone who helped make our Frozen party so much fun!

I received product samples from Oriental Trading in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Malia
    | Reply

    What a wonderful soiree, Michelle! I love all the details! xoxo

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Thanks very much, Malia! We had a lot of fun!

  3. tya nelson
    | Reply

    I’m interested in your stained glasss jello dish. Any possibility for a post or recipe?

  4. admin
    | Reply

    Great idea! Thanks, I’ll try to do that!

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