Rainbow Party Printables

Rainbow Party Printables

This colorful printable Rainbow Party Set makes for such a fun party!

This Rainbow Party Printables set has a sign, water bottle labels, banner, thank you cards, cupcake toppers, and blank tented cards for place cards or menu cards.

You can buy as many individual items as you like!

For Personal Use Only. No modifying, copying, reselling, or redistributing.

If needed sooner than 24 hours, contact me at printabelle@gmail.com to find out if I can get it to you sooner.

Download the Rainbow Birthday Party Printables.

12 Responses

  1. Kathleen
    | Reply

    I pinned it– I will definitely be using the rainbow birthday gift tags

  2. Ann
    | Reply

    this is the coolest thing ever! i will definitely be using the whole set! thanks a bunch 😀

  3. Tara
    | Reply

    I’m pinning to use for my daughter’s birthday this year 🙂 I’ll send pics once we’re done. Thanks for being generous and sharing!

  4. Adelina
    | Reply

    Thanks for the lovely printables – I’ve pinned & hope to use them very soon. Thanks again.

  5. Lyndsey
    | Reply

    I had several of your designs printed at the print shop yesterday and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how they have turned out. Needless to say my daughter is very excited about her upcoming rainbow party in December and. I will be sure to forward some pics of how your designs featured. T hank you!

  6. Tanya
    | Reply

    ADORABLE set!! Thank you so much for making these available on your site! Can’t wait to use these for my daughter’s 6th Rainbow birthday party in 2 weeks!

  7. Michelle
    | Reply

    Fabulous set, thank you very much.

    Michelle x

  8. Michelle
    | Reply

    These are fabulous, thank you very much.

  9. admin
    | Reply

    Thank you all so much for your kind comments! This has been a very popular set and I’m so glad you like it!

  10. Jennifer
    | Reply

    Thanks so much we are going to be using this for our twins first birthday next month =]

  11. Amy Rayfield
    | Reply

    Hey Michelle! I ordered the water bottle labels and the mini candy bar wrappers. I only need 3 sheets for the water bottles. It said 10 sheets. I guess it still showed from where I clicked on it earlier. I will need 2 sheets of the wrappers please. If you could add my daughters name and age that would be wonderful. 🙂 Her name is Bella and she will be 4. Thank you sooo much for sharing these beautiful prints. I really appreciate it! Have a wonderful day!!!

    Amy Rayfield

  12. Amy Rayfield
    | Reply


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