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Have a ever set up a DIY food bar for your guests? It’s so much fun and easy, too! Not only does it make it really easy to prepare for your event, but it gives the guests something to do that is enjoyable for them – make their food the way they like it!

This is the perfect time of year for a DIY chili bar! We set up a chili bar with toppings and printables and then we let our guests pick their favorite toppings. We served cheese, olives, onions, salsa, avocados, cornbread cubes, corn chips and sour cream.

I have a printable food card set for your chili parties that comes with topping cards, a Chili Bar sign and I’m also throwing in invitations, cupcake toppers and water bottle labels, too!

Add some bandannas and you’ve got a party! It’s fun and easy for you and your guests!

Download the chili bar printables!



Chili Bar



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