Candy Construction

Candy Construction

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I love the concept of Candy Construction, because while I think all candy looks fun, but — for me at least — some candy doesn’t seem entirely edible… especially when they seem more like a tiny toy than a food item (e.g., mini-fruit-shaped Runts!).

So I appreciated the author’s recommendation to enjoy candy and treats by making crafts with them vs. just eating them! She cites several good reasons for this, including you can get tons of interesting candies inexpensively at the dollar store and it will last for a really long time. In addition, you may find that your children have at least as much fun using candy as a medium for creative projects, as they do eating it.

One nice thing about all the projects, is they are all entirely edible, no toothpicks or other things you need to warn children about for safety reasons. Candy Construction includes several recipes for frosting “mortar” to hold everything together.

There are candy crafts for birthday  parties and the holidays, with ideas for Easter and Thanksgiving and Christmas, including a fully edible Christmas scene, complete with Santa, snowmen, and Rice Krispie treat trees!

Candy Construction is a entertaining book to look through and enjoy seeing all the cute things you can make with edible treats!

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