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I think I’ve only been to the circus once in my life, and yet, I think every American has a soft spot for the turn-of-the-century circus — an especially delightful bit of Americana. That’s why each year, around the Fourth of July, our extended family sets up our own carnival midway to help celebrate the Independence Day holiday.

It’s really fun as we play games together, and have a pie- and watermelon-eating contests for the kids (although I’ve noticed a few dads are also keen to compete). It’s a fun way to celebrate the holiday. The simple midway games are a big part of that party, so I found several carnival games at Oriental Trading that can make your own backyard family carnival extra fun!



Here are two variations of the bean bag toss. I love the vintage circus-y decor! Everyone has to take one step back for each year they’ve lived, which is fun to help count them out, and makes winning the game a real toss-up!

This Disk Drop Game is another fun way to compete, and since this works off straight probability, anyone can be a winner! Last year, a kindergartner won! He was so excited!



Unlike real carnivals, the odds are considerably better with these ring toss and carnival cans games, making them fun for everyone!

We get lots of treats and toys to pass out after each contest, because with these fun games, everyone loves to win!

Feel free to check out my set of free circus party printables and more to decorate your carnival.

I also have a set of ten printable circus game signs that will get you going with ideas for your backyard carnival!

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